Arisia '10

Volunteer for Arisia 2010!

Volunteers are the essential threads that weave together a convention. Without volunteers, we wouldn't have the convention that is Arisia. Everyone, from our Corporate President, to the Convention Chair, to the person who has just an hour or so at the convention to give, is an unpaid volunteer who's giving his or her time to help put on the Arisia Convention.

We also need help getting ready for the Convention through out the year.

Interested? Fill out the volunteer form. See what openings are available.

Get Free Stuff:

Volunteers who work eight hours will get a free T-shirt at the convention (only available to volunteers).

Volunteers who work twelve hours earn a free membership to next year's convention.

Volunteers who help at the convention on Thursday, Friday morning (load in and set-up), Sunday evening (load out) or Monday (load out), will get those hours doubled. You could earn all your hours for a free membership for Arisia '11 and never miss a minute of Arisia '10!

If you have questions contact us at