Arisia '10

Parking at Arisia

If possible, please carpool, or take public transit to get to the hotel. 

Parking in the hotel garage is limited to ~400 spaces, we're expecting 2,000+ people, and the Hyatt's garage usually fills up by Friday evening. Also, this year, we have even fewer spaces available for our use in the MIT parking lots.

Hyatt Garage

We arranged for discounted parking rates for our attendees in the Hyatt's parking garage. Self-parking is available in the Hyatt's garage;

  • For people staying overnight in a hotel room, parking is $7 per day, and includes unlimited in-and-out access)
  • For people staying for the day, parking is $5 per day, and includes unlimited in-and-out access (assuming there's still space in the garage).

Correction: A parking pass does NOT guarantee that space will be held for you in the Hyatt's garage.

All rates will apply from 6am Thursday through noon Tuesday of the convention for Arisia attendees.

To purchase a parking pass, enter the garage and once parked, take the paper ticket to the front desk and exchange it for a reusable plastic card.

The height limit of the Hyatt's garage is 6' 5" If you have a tall vehicle, please use MIT's overflow parking. If you have a vehicle that is too long or too wide to fit in a standard parking space (or you have a trailer), please contact Arisia's Hotel Liaisons ( for information about alternative parking locations.

If you are Arisia Staff, we ask that you park in one the authorized MIT lots.

Free Parking at MIT


Note: We do not have permission to park in any of the lots along Vassar St.

  • Hayward Lot (198 spaces), Hayward St.
  • E51 Lot (60 spaces), Amherst St.
  • W98 (63 spaces), 600 Memorial Dr.
  • There are a few more small lots scattered around MIT that we can use, please stop by the Info Desk for a complete list of lots (and their status).

If you have a hotel room at the Hyatt, we recommend that you drop of your stuff first, and the drop by the Info Desk to find out which parking lots are available.

If the garage is full, and you're unlikely to be using your car during the weekend, please park in one of the smaller lots, and leave the Hayward, E51, and W98 lots for those who will be using their car every day.

If you arrive before 5pm on Friday, and would like to park in one of MIT's lots, you'll need to get a parking pass from Con Ops (Aquarium Room, 2nd floor of Hyatt). They're $12 per day.

Do not park in other MIT parking lots, especially parking spaces that say reserved parking, or are lots for MIT dorms. The MIT police will ticket or tow you.

On-street parking

There is limited on street parking in the area.  Some of the parking meters are free at nights and on Sunday and Monday (holiday).

Audrey Street may look like an ordinary street, but it is reserved for MIT.   Also, do not park illegally in front of the MIT Police building (they'll notice).

Central Square Parking Garages

There are several parking garages in Central Square. The cheapest garage is the Green St. Garage is $13 per day.

You can see the locations of the MIT lots and the garages on the Shuttle Route Map. (Please note the bus route hasn't been finalized)

View Arisia '10 Central Square Shuttle Bus Route in a larger map