Arisia '10

Arisia Abbreviated History

Arisia was founded as a non-profit in 1989 to hold conventions and to promote science fiction and fantasy in all forms. Arisia '09 will be our 20th convention.

Date Venue Guests of Honor & Special GuestsConChair & OfficersTheme/NotesReg.
Arisia '90
Feb 23-25, 1990
Lafayette SwissĂ´tel
Boston, MA
WGoH: Richard Bowker
AGoH: A.C. Farley
FGoH: Spike McPhee
Chair: Matthew Saroff
Pres: Mary Robison
VP: Kim Van Auken
Treas: Tom Fish
Clerk: Adria Crum
1990 was Arisia's second year of existence; officers from the first year were: Pres: Cris Shuldiner, VP: Mary Robison, Treas: Tom Fish, Clerk: Brian Cooper842
Arisia '91
Feb 1-3, 1991
Vista International
Waltham, MA
WGoH: Jack L. Chalker
AGoH: Bob Walters
FGoH: Richard Hill & Laurel Cunningham
Media GoH: Larry Ross
Chair: Matthew Saroff
Pres: Mary Robison
VP: Robert Bazemore
Treas: Marshall Ellis
Clerk: A. Joseph Ross
The "Vista International" is now the "Waltham Westin" hotel1050
Arisia '92
Jan 3-5, 1992
Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers
Boston, MA
WGoH: Craig Shaw Gardner
AGoH: Robin Wood
Filk Guest: T.J. Burnside Clapp
Guest Editor: Ginjer Buchanan, Shoshanna Green
Media Guest: Lynne Stephens
Tech GoH: Alex Latzko
Chair: Kimberly S. Van Auken
Pres: Patrick McCormack
VP: Jeffrey Jordan
Treas: Marshall Ellis
Clerk: A. Joseph Ross
Ginjer and Shoshanna were each listed as "Guest Editor" in different sections of the Program Book. No one (including the chairman) remembers what really happened.1094
Arisia '93
Jan 15-17, 1993
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: Ellen Kushner
AGoH: Charles Lang & Wendy Snow-Lang
FGoH: Monty Wells
Tech GoH: Carl Zwanzig
Chair: Robert "Insanity*3" Bazemore
Pres: A. Joseph Ross
VP: Heather Coon
Treas: Allan Kent
Clerk: Mark Dulcey
Arisia '94
Jan 21-23, 1994
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: Spider & Jeanne Robinson
AGoH: Michael Whelan
FGoH: Dave Kyle
Chair: James S. Belfiore, Jr.
Pres: A. Joseph Ross
VP: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
Treas: Allan Kent
Clerk: Edward Dooley
The "Park Plaza Castle" (formally the armory for the First Corps of Cadets National Guard Unit) was used for the masquerade and several other events, due to an outside wedding being scheduled in the hotel main ballroom.1513
Arisia '95
Jan 13-15, 1995
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: C. J. Cherryh
AGoH: Jael
FGoH: Walter Kahn
Filk Guest: Michael Longcor
Tech Guest: Deryl Burr
Chair: Sheila Oranch
Pres: Joelll Herda
VP: Jim Stevenson
Treas: Eric Bunce
Clerk: Edward Dooley
DIVERSITY--we are not one-dimensional beings!1810
Arisia '96
Jan 12-14, 1996
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: Emma Bull & Will Shetterly
AGoH: Lissanne Lake
FGoH: Rob Bazemore a.k.a. "Insanity*3"
Musical Guest: Boiled In Lead
Chair: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
Pres: Cris Shuldiner
VP: Walter Kahn
Treas: Randall Cohen
Clerk: Robert Fairburn IV
Minneapolis Music
The Fan Guest of Honor got married in the hotel ballroom as his "GoH Event." Arisia '96 was the last year under the old family owned Park Plaza management. The hotel sale closed the Monday after the convention.
Arisia '97
Jan 10-12, 1997
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: R. A. Salvatore
AGoH: Bob Eggleton
FGoH: The Gang of Five (Arisia's Founders: Brian Cooper, Tom Fish, Mary Robison, Matthew Saroff, Cris Shuldiner)
Dictator: Pat McCormack
Pres: Cris Shuldiner
VP: Brendan Quinn
Treas: Marshall Ellis
Clerk: Glen Goodwin
Exploring Tyranny In Our Literature and In Our Lives
a.k.a. "The Iron Boot of Tyranny"
Arisia '98
Jan 16-18, 1998
Westin Hotel
Waltham, MA
WGoH: James P. Hogan
AGoH: Cortney Skinner
FGoH: Marty Gear
Exec Director: Glen R. Goodwin
Pres: Jeffrey L. "Hunter" Jordan
VP: Brendan Quinn
Treas: Skip Morris
Clerk: Paul Selkirk
Freedom: Stories of The Revolution!
The "Westin Waltham" is the former "Vista International". Arisia '98 had a strict membership cap of 1500 due to hotel function space limitations. The cap was raised to 1550 and no one was turned away.
Arisia '99
Jan 8-10, 1999
Westin Copley Place
Boston, MA
WGoH: Roger MacBride Allen
AGoH: Gary A. Lippincott
FGoH: Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Science Guest: H. Paul Shuch a.k.a. "Dr. SETI"
Chair: Cris Shuldiner
Pres: Elka Tovah Menkes
VP: Glen R. Goodwin
Treas: Skip Morris
Clerk: Rachel Silverman
The 10th Arisia/Party Like It's 1999
There was actually no external theme for this convention, as the Chair does not believe in them. What is listed here is the internal theme designed for the staff to have fun with.
Arisia '00
Jan 14-16, 2000
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: Jane Yolen
AGoH: Tom Kidd
FGoH: Sharon Sbarsky
Musical Guest: Echo's Children
Chair: Paul Selkirk
Pres: Noel Rosenberg
VP: Cris Shuldiner
Treas: Skip Morris
Clerk: Tom "Merv" Murphy
No official theme, but the "in joke" was that Arisia '00 was officially "Not Y2K Compliant," so the dates were printed as 1900.1965
Arisia '01
Jan 12-14, 2001
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: Lois McMaster Bujold
AGoH: Wojtek Siudmak
FGoH: jan howard finder a.k.a. "Wombat"
Chair: Elka Tovah Menkes
Pres: Brendan Quinn
VP: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
Treas: Skip Morris
Clerk: Tom "Merv" Murphy
Looking Back on the Future2082
Arisia '02
Jan 18-20, 2002
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: Katherine Kurtz
AGoH: Tristan Alexander
FGoH: Eugene Heller
Chair: Noel Rosenberg
Pres: Brendan Quinn
VP: Colette Fozard
Treas: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
Clerk: Paul Selkirk
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish:
A Tribute to the Works of Douglas Adams
Arisia '03
Jan 17-19, 2003
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: Harry Turtledove
AGoH: Victoria (Poyser) Lisi & Julius Lisi
FGoH: Anthony R. Lewis, FN
Gaming Guests: Looney Labs (Andrew Looney, Kristin Looney, Alison Frane)
Costuming Guests: Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
Filk Guest: Gwen Knighton
Chair: Skip Morris
Pres: Joel Herda
VP: Noel Rosenberg
Treas: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
Clerk: Paul Selkirk
Exploring Alternate Realities Through Literature2264
Arisia '04
Jan 16-18, 2004
Boston Park PlazaSculptor GoH: Arthur Ganson
WGoH: Tim Powers
FGoH: Kim Van Auken
Freedom Guests: Eric S. & Catherine Raymond
Filk Guest: Tom Smith
Evil Overlord: Carsten Turner
Pres: Joel Herda
VP: Noel Rosenberg
Treas: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
Clerk: Alex Latzko
The Future of Freedom
Official Con Book: Powers of Two, from NESFA Press
Arisia '05
Jan 21-23, 2005
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: Barbara Hambly
AGoH: John Picacio
FGoH: Victor J. Raymond
Media Guest: Harry Knowles
Fannish Movie Guests:
Filk Guests: Mary Ellen Wessels & Ed Stauff
Chair: Buzz Harris
Pres: Carsten Turner
VP: Rick Kovalcik
Treas: Alex Latzko
Clerk: Claudia Mastroianni
Through Alien Eyes2086
Arisia '06
Jan 13-15, 2006
Boston Park PlazaWGoH: Allen Steele
AGoH: Frank Wu
FGoH: Barb Schofield
Musical Guest: Heather Dale
Chair: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
Pres: Rick Kovalcik
Vice Pres: Lisa Hertel
Treas: Benjamin Levy
Clerk: Rachel Silber
Focus2437 (reg'd)
2330 (attended)
Arisia '07
Jan 12-14, 2007
Hyatt Regency
Cambridge, MA
WGoH: Esther Friesner
AGoH: Hilary Scott
Filk GoH: Luke Ski
Chair: Joel Herda
Pres: Rick Kovalcik
Vice Pres: Lisa Holsberg
Treas: Benjamin Levy
Clerk: Rachel Silber
Humor in Science Fiction and Fantasy
A new home for Arisia
2137 (reg'd)
2045 (attended)
Arisia '08
Jan 18-21, 2008
Hyatt Regency Cambridge WGoH: Laura Anne Gilman
AGoH: Marrus
Fan Performer GoH: Eric "in the Elevator" Zuckerman
Chair: September Isdell
Pres: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
Vice Pres: Crystal Huff
Treas: Benjamin Levy
Clerk: Rick Kovalcik
Pirates vs. Ninjas
First four day Arisia
2369 (reg'd)
2280 (attended)
Arisia '09
Jan 16-19, 2009
Hyatt Regency Cambridge WGoH: Walter H. Hunt
AGoH: Dave Seeley
Fan GoH: Ricky and Karen Dick
Chair: Jill Eastlake
Pres: September Isdell
Vice Pres: Crystal Huff
Treas: Benjamin Levy
Clerk: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
Fabric of Science Fiction 2523 (reg'd)
2410 (attended)
Arisia '10
Jan 15-18, 2010
Hyatt Regency Cambridge Artist GoH: Sarah Clemens
Fan GoHs: Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley
Musical GoH: SJ Tucker - Skinny White Chick
Writer / Editor GoH: Gardner Dozois
Chair: Rick Kovalcik TBA

WGoH: Writer Guest of Honor
AGoH: Artist Guest of Honor
FGoH: Fan Guest of Honor