Arisia '10

Help Wanted!

Help at Freebie Tables

Arisia needs you (or someone you might know)!

Who does not like free stuff?

We need someone to help us out with collecting loot for our freebie tables.

We need someone to contact various groups and organizations to collect the things they want to give away for free, usually to promote their product. We would like to be looking at both local and not so local groups for their donations.

Would you or someone you know like to volunteer for Arisia, earn a free membership, have one of our nifty t-shirts and not have to work while at the con? This could be the position!

Please email if you would be interested in assisting us with this fun and vital task.

Sign Shop Runner

Need someone to deliver signs for the sign shop. Must be fleet of foot, and able to figure out the hotel's layout. Reply to

Anime Room Help Wanted

Are you a big fan of anime? Then have I got the greatest Arisia VOLUNTEER JOB for you!!! All you need to do is watch anime all night long, on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday night. Arisia volunteers earn a free T-shirt after 8 hours, and at 12 hours you also get a comped membership to Arisia 2011 (at our NEW and FABULOUSO location).

You earn VOLUNTEER HOURS for doing your favorite thing! And you don't miss any of the other parts of Arisia that you love. You can choose your hours, if you get back to me soon enough, but mostly this will be from midnight to 7am. You'll be in charge of changing DVDs, keeping an secure eye on Arisia's equipment, and watching hours of great anime.

The shift is 6pm to 9am, so I'm looking for 1-3 people per night to fill the shift.

6pm to 10pm - Light Anime
10pm to 2am - Hentai and Yaoi
2am to 6am - Heavy Anime
7am to 9am - Kiddy Anime

Interested? Contact me at SciFiFanBoston at Gmail dot com. Put ANIME ROOM in the subject line.

Green Room Volunteers!

The green room needs volunteers! During our open hours (5p-11p Friday, 9a-9p Saturday and Sunday, 9a-2p Monday) we will need at one volunteer per hour to do ribbon checks and headcounts; this is an extremely easy gig that requires you merely to sit in one place, pay attention, make tickmarks on a piece of paper, and occasionally say "I'm sorry, the green room is only open to panelists, performers, GMs, and staff" in a firm but pleasant manner.

We will also need help with food prep and serving during our busy hours of 10a-3p Saturday and 11a-4p Sunday, so if you're handy with a chef's knife or good at fetching and carrying in a crowded room, we want you!

Email Rose and Josh at and let us know of your interests and availability.

Info Desk Staff

No heavy lifting required, just a willingness to help people and answer questions. While it is helpful if you are familiar with the Cambridge-Boston area and have been to Arisia before, it is not required. Reply to:

Arisia Security

We need responsible, mature volunteers to become part of the Arisia security team. Our goal in security is to make sure the convention attendees enjoy a safe and happy convention, keep hotel property safe and make sure the rules of the Arisia Convention and Corporation are adhered to.

If you are interested and would like to join us or learn more about the position, please send email to Security.

Arisia Operations Desk

We are looking for mature, responsible volunteers to help with the Operations Desk. If you have wanted to learn more about the inner workings of the convention, this is the place to be -- we are the hub of the con. Ops will run all weekend so we need both day and night volunteers. This position will entail answering attendee and staff requests, hunting down information, keeping incident logs and maintaining effective radio communication. If you would like to learn more and/or volunteer, please send mail to ops-desk.

Coat Check

Do you really like to keep things organized? Want to help the plethora of con-goers who are commuting to the con too? Coat Check needs volunteers for several different shifts throughout the con. Located centrally, you will get to interact with large numbers of attendees while still earning your volunteer hours. Contact annA at if you are interested.

For other volunteer positions, please see the Volunteers web page.