Arisia '10

Donate Your Old Eyeglasses

Thank you! We collected 68 pairs of eyeglasses to donate to OneSight.

Scounge around and find those old pairs of glasses that you can’t use anymore and bring them to Arisia. We will have a box for your donations and all glasses will be given to OneSight

"Each year, OneSight conducts clinics in developing countries where doctors and trained volunteers provide free eye exams and recycled eyewear to thousands of people in need. Donated glasses are collected and are sent to a OneSight recycling center where glasses are cleaned, prescriptions are categorized and glasses are prepared to be hand-delivered during a Global Clinic. To support 20 Global Clinics in 2009, OneSight needs to collect and recycle 1.2 million pairs of donated eyewear annually."

OneSight can use any prescription glasses (including bifocals) and non-prescription sunglasses.

Declutter your space and help others see clearly.