Arisia '10

FastTrack Information

Arisia's Kids' program, known as Fast Track, is designed as a con-within-a-con for children in the 6-12 age range. We offer a wide variety of program items, including crafts, costuming, a magic show, science, exercises, discussions, demonstrations, storytelling, and games. For more information, to make suggestions for program items or to volunteer to help, contact us at

Children under six are not permitted in Fast Track, even with a parent. Kids in tow ages 6 to 12 are welcome with a parent, but may not be left. For children under six, please use childcare. We also cannot permit food in the area. We welcome teen volunteers.

Fast Track hours will be Friday, 5pm to 8pm; Saturday, 9:30am to 5pm; Sunday, 9:30am to 5pm; and Monday, 9:30am to 1pm.