Arisia '10


Sayuru Anime Dance - Anime Kaiju Experience

Sayuru means cold and clear in Japanese. And that's what we want for our Arisia 2010, we know it will be cold, but we also want it clear and beautiful. The dance is to welcome all ages to the convention, and most especially the young adult fans who want to make Arisia part of their lives. The dance features music from Japanese anime, old and new, as well as dances that are part of the anime culture.

So come to the Sayuru Anime Dance on Friday evening at Arisia, 6pm to 8:30pm in Presidents Ballroom CD. Supported by the fans who run Anime Kaiju Experience.

8-bit / demoscene dance
At this event we will play danceable chiptunes and remixes from oldskool video game systems and computers (Nintendo, Commodore, Amiga, Atari, etc.) as well as demoscene music. Starts at Friday at 12:30am in Presidents Ballroom A.
Saturday Night Club Dance with DJ Johnny Zed

Johnny Zed will be spinning tunes from midnight until the last dancer drops; come shuffle your mortal coil to everything from favorites returned from beyond the grave to futuristic waves of dark sound from another dimension.

Starts after the Masquerade on Saturday (Midnightish) and runs until dawn in the Presidents Ballroom.

Steampunk Elevenses

An invitation to mad scientists, aristocratic adventurers, and airship pirates to sip tea and nibble scones while discussing their latest inventions or schemes.

Not a dance, but please come dressed in your finery and join us for tea and conversation.

Sunday 11am - 12:30pm in Presidents Ballroom CD

Malice In Wonderland Historical Ball

After dark, Wonderland takes on a slightly sinister tone. The Mad Hatter seems a little more mad and the Cheshire Cat bares his fangs. Come and dance with Alice. Dances will be taught and the evening is very beginner friendly.

Sunday 8-11pm in Presidents Ballroom CD