Arisia '10

Arisia 2010 Schedule, by Track

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Anime Track


Fri 7:00pm Light Anime

Fri 10:00pm Hentai and Yaoi Anime

Sat 2:00am Heavy Anime

Sat 7:00pm Light Anime

Sat 10:00pm Hentai and Yaoi Anime

Sun 12:00am Anime/Video Hell

Sun 2:00am Heavy Anime

Sun 7:00am Kid-Friendly Anime

Sun 7:00pm Light Anime

Sun 10:00pm Hentai and Yaoi Anime

Mon 2:00am Heavy Anime


Fri 6:00pm Anime for Bakas

Fri 8:00pm Historical Anime

Sat 10:00am Anime/Manga for Parents

Sat 10:00pm Studio Ghibli

Sat 11:00pm Horror in Anime

Sun 6:00pm Surviving an Anime Con

Sun 6:00pm Gundam: A Historical Perspective

Participatory Event

Fri 6:00pm Sayuru Anime Dance—Anime Kaiju Experience

Art Track


Sun 12:00pm The Art of Sarah Clemens


Fri 6:00pm What is the Demoscene?

Sat 1:00pm Tools for Digital Art

Sat 2:00pm How Do You Price Your Art?

Sat 4:00pm The Business of Art

Sun 2:00pm Branching Out with Your Art

Sun 3:00pm Blindfold Sculpting

Sun 4:00pm Dueling Easels

Participatory Event

Sat 11:00am Art Show Director's Docent Tour

Sat 12:00pm Tactile Tour of Art Show

Sat 4:00pm Tour of the Art Show with Sarah Clemens


Fri 9:30pm St*tch & B*tch #1

Sun 11:00am St*tch & B*tch #2

Sun 12:00pm Make Chain Mail

Sun 5:00pm Amigurumi for Adults

Costuming Track


Sat 8:00pm Masquerade


Sun 4:00pm Northern Lights Costumers' Guild meeting


Fri 6:00pm Masquerade Basics

Fri 7:00pm Getting Ideas for Costumes and Presentations

Fri 10:00pm Steampunk: What It Is, What It Isn't

Sat 9:00am Beading Workshop

Sun 10:00am Hall Costumes VS. Stage Costumes

Sun 11:00am Costuming on the Cheap

Sun 1:00pm Men's Costuming Challenges

Sun 3:00pm Using Basic Electronics in Costumes

Sun 7:00pm Basic Costume Shapes

Mon 1:00pm You Might Be A Costumer IF…

Participatory Event

Sun 11:00am Steampunk Elevenses

Sun 8:00pm Malice in Wonderland Dance


Sat 10:00am Costume Friendly Tech

Fan Interest Track


Sun 5:00pm Belly Dance Show


Fri 11:00pm Newbies in Burlesque

Sat 1:00pm Living Off the Grid


Mon 10:00am Circus Kaffeeklatsch


Fri 6:00pm It's An Online Life, For Us!

Fri 6:00pm Open Source and the Effect on Culture

Fri 6:00pm Feeding the Fen: Food Safety

Fri 7:00pm Early Adopters—and Not

Fri 7:00pm SMOF 250: The Future of Cons

Fri 8:00pm Poly 101: Introduction

Fri 9:00pm BDSM 101: A N00b's Guide

Fri 10:00pm Oh, THAT's Why I Loved That Scene!

Fri 11:00pm Fun With Rope

Sat 12:00am Tokyo's Media Shadow

Sat 12:00pm Sexual Politics in Fandom

Sat 1:00pm Convention Feedback 1

Sat 1:00pm Poly 201: Theory and Practice

Sat 1:00pm Fannish Disaster Prepardness

Sat 2:00pm Queer SF&F

Sat 3:00pm SMOF 101: How to Start a Con

Sat 4:00pm Poly 125: Swinging v. Polyamory

Sat 4:00pm How Fans Hurt and Help Public Faces of Fandom

Sat 5:00pm Flirt Like a Pro!

Sat 5:00pm Alternative Marriages

Sat 6:00pm Repo!—The Next Great Cult Film

Sat 6:00pm Disability and Fandom

Sat 7:00pm The Year in Review: Politics

Sat 8:00pm The Ultimate Showdown

Sat 8:00pm The Undead and the People That Love Them

Sat 9:00pm Resisting Social Networking

Sat 9:00pm The Modern Burlesque Revival

Sat 9:00pm Religion and Kink

Sat 10:00pm The History of Fandom

Sat 10:00pm Home Depot in the Bedroom

Sat 11:00pm BDSM 201: Hurting the Ones You Love

Sun 10:00am Sports for Geeks

Sun 12:00pm Alternative Lifestyles and Fandom

Sun 12:00pm The Future of School

Sun 1:00pm Convention Feedback 2

Sun 1:00pm Poly 279: Poly Parenting

Sun 1:00pm SMOF 310: Cons—Collective vs. Business

Sun 2:00pm I Can Go to Jail for THAT?!

Sun 2:00pm The Twitter Effect

Sun 3:00pm Sexuality in SF/F

Sun 3:00pm Relationships 101

Sun 4:00pm Age and Treachery: The Older Fan

Sun 4:00pm E-Books: Pros and Cons

Sun 5:00pm Arisia Corporate Meeting

Sun 5:00pm Charisma is Not a Dump Stat!

Sun 5:00pm Humor and Fandom

Sun 5:00pm The Nature of Gender: Past, Present and Future

Sun 5:00pm Mad Scientist Laugh Contest

Sun 6:00pm The Mind of the Nerd: Psychology and Fandom

Sun 7:00pm Coming Out

Sun 8:00pm The MADdest Panel

Sun 8:00pm Online Civility

Sun 8:00pm The Modern Pagan

Sun 9:00pm Your Kink is OK!

Sun 9:00pm I Buy Online

Sun 10:00pm Scening and Catharsis

Sun 10:00pm Web of Destruction

Sun 10:00pm Subculture Mashups

Mon 10:00am Intellectual Property Rights

Mon 11:00am Where's the Podcast At?

Mon 12:00pm Poly 350: Polyamory and the Media

Mon 1:00pm Convention Feedback 3

Mon 1:00pm Metaphors, Memes, and the Mainstreaming of SF

Mon 2:00pm The Ephemeral City

Mon 2:00pm Nerdus Americanus: The American Nerd

Mon 3:00pm Ethics, Business, and the Future

Participatory Event

Fri 7:30pm Summit Mt. Arisia

Sat 12:00am REPO! The Genetic Opera

Sat 12:30am 8-bit / Demoscene Dance

Sat 9:00am Gentle Yoga

Sat 2:30pm Summit Mt. Arisia

Sun 12:00am Saturday Club Dance

Sun 12:00am The Eye of Argon

Sun 11:30am Summit Mt. Arisia

Mon 10:00am Walk the Labyrinth


Sat 10:00am Self-Healing 101

Sat 11:00am The Roman Legionary from Caesar to Constantine

Sat 11:30am Jedi Lightsaber Techniques of the Sword Masters

Sat 12:00pm Knightly Armored Combat

Sat 12:30pm Medieval Halberd Drill

Sat 1:00pm Roman Legionary & Gothic Knight

Sat 1:30pm Pirate Combat!

Sat 3:00pm Organizing the Fannish Home: Conquering Clutter

Sun 11:00am Bending for Beginners

Sun 3:30pm Medieval Combat: Hands-on lessons in Longsword

Fast Track


Sat 4:00pm Higgins Armory: Swordplay


Sat 10:00am Hand-held Gaming Club


Sat 1:00pm Magic Show

Sat 2:00pm Hands-On Science for Kids, Take 1

Sun 1:00pm Hands-on Science, Take 2: CSI

Sun 4:00pm Reading & Theremin Demo

Participatory Event

Sun 3:00pm Madlibs Live!

Mon 10:00am Build It with Legos

Mon 2:00pm Playground Games


Sat 3:00pm Bedtime Stories That End Badly

Scheduled Game

Fri 7:00pm Kid's LARP

Mon 10:00am Card Games for the 7–12 Set

Mon 12:00pm Rock-Paper-Scissors Contest


Fri 6:00pm Build a Labyrinth

Sat 10:00am Kamikaze Costuming

Sat 12:00pm Face Painting

Sat 12:00pm No-Sew Costumes

Sat 1:00pm Mask Making

Sat 2:00pm Learn to Knit

Sat 3:00pm Gimp Basics

Sat 4:00pm Learn to Crochet

Sat 5:00pm Mouth Sounds

Sun 10:00am How to Draw a Video Game Character

Sun 11:00am Make & Trade Artist Cards

Sun 12:00pm Origami for Kids

Sun 12:00pm Pipe Cleaner Constructs

Sun 2:00pm Laugh Like a Mad Scientist

Sun 2:00pm Astronomical Drawings

Sun 3:00pm What Would My Super Power Be?

Sun 4:00pm Play with Clay

Sun 7:00pm Learn to Fence

Sun 8:00pm Learn to Use a Sword

Mon 12:00pm Amazing Watercolors

Mon 1:00pm How to Draw a Dragon

GOH Track


Sat 11:00am The Editor/Writer Relationship

Sat 12:00pm Making Your Own Way

Sat 3:00pm Diversity Is Coming!

Sat 3:00pm SMOF 399: Online Media and Conventions

Sun 12:00pm The Mechanics of Anthology Construction

Sun 3:00pm Spintronics

Participatory Event

Fri 11:00pm Q&A with Skinny White Chick

Sun 2:00pm Want to Play a Theremin?

Gaming Track

Open Gaming

Fri 3:00pm Open Gaming

Sat 12:00am 24-hour Open Gaming

Sun 12:00am 24-Hour Open Gaming

Mon 12:00am Open Gaming


Sat 6:00pm Costuming for LARPs

Sat 11:00pm StarCraft!

Participatory Event

Sat 12:00pm Nexus Elements LARP

Sun 12:00pm Realms LARP

Sun 8:00pm Space Murder—LARP

Scheduled Game

Fri 5:00pm Low Life: After The Pocky Lisp—Savage Worlds

Fri 6:00pm NinjaBurger

Fri 7:00pm Agricola—For Beginners

Fri 7:00pm Eclipse Phase demo

Fri 8:00pm Munchkin Quest

Fri 9:00pm Changeling: The Lost—LARP

Fri 9:00pm Encore! First Printing Rules

Fri 10:00pm SPANC

Sat 10:00am CAV demo

Sat 10:00am Greedquest

Sat 10:00am Robo Rally

Sat 12:00pm Steve Jackson Games Tournament

Sat 12:00pm Warlord

Sat 12:00pm A Flight Out Back: Traveller

Sat 12:00pm The Endless Party: Geist

Sat 2:00pm Circus Maximus—D&D 3.5

Sat 2:00pm SRM03–03: Burning Bridges

Sat 2:00pm Eclipse Phase demo

Sat 4:00pm MyRe1–1: "Something Fishy in Seros"

Sat 4:00pm A Game of Kings—Vampire LARP

Sat 6:00pm Eclipse Phase—An Inconvenient Death

Sat 6:00pm Frag

Sat 7:00pm Pandemic: On the Brink

Sat 8:00pm Call of Cthulhu—The Longest Hour

Sat 8:00pm Munchkin featuring Fairy Dust

Sat 8:00pm Collateral Damage

Sat 8:00pm Chez Geek

Sun 8:00am Arisia 2010 Blood Bowl Tournament

Sun 10:00am Agricola

Sun 10:00am NinjaBurger

Sun 10:00am Munchkin Quest

Sun 12:00pm Fuzion: Traveller

Sun 12:00pm SRM 03–04: Monkey Wrench

Sun 12:00pm Shenanigans!

Sun 1:00pm Munchkin Brawl

Sun 2:00pm Terror Network

Sun 2:00pm Steam: Rails to Riches

Sun 6:00pm Eclipse Phase—Bump in the Night

Sun 8:00pm Collateral Damage

Mon 10:00am Pandemic

Mon 10:00am D&D ARMIES—tourney

Mon 12:00pm Collateral Damage

Literature Track


Sun 9:00pm Hallucinating Shakespeare


Fri 7:00pm Trauma as Character Development

Fri 8:00pm The Best Science Fiction of 2009

Fri 9:00pm Humor With An Edge: Mixing The Silly With The Profound

Fri 10:00pm Arisia Reads!

Sat 10:00am Non-Standard Fantasy

Sat 10:00am Like Oil and Water

Sat 10:00am Religion in SF/Fantasy

Sat 11:00am Non-Feudal Political Systems in Fantasy

Sat 11:00am The Changing Face of Fiction: Literature, Diversity, and Backlash

Sat 11:00am Exploring the Truly Alien

Sat 12:00pm The Undefended Borders of SF

Sat 2:00pm The Next -Punk

Sat 2:00pm Jack the Ripper and the Historical Character

Sat 3:00pm Short Fiction is Not Dead

Sat 3:00pm Women Writers in Horror

Sat 4:00pm Interstitial Fiction: Dancing Between Genres

Sat 4:00pm Arthurian Legends: The Ultimate Fanfic

Sat 4:00pm Whither Hard SF?

Sat 5:00pm Interview with Gardner Dozois

Sat 5:00pm Debate the Greats: H.G. Wells and Jules Verne

Sat 5:00pm Take Back the Sci-Fi

Sat 7:00pm Machines Augmenting Mankind: Our Cyborg Future

Sat 7:00pm Inherent Darkness of Fairy Tales

Sat 7:00pm Must-Read Stories

Sat 8:00pm Art Within Art

Sun 10:00am The City as Character

Sun 10:00am Creature and Character

Sun 10:00am The Crossroads of Magic and Science

Sun 11:00am Fantasy and Horror in Shakespeare

Sun 11:00am Faeries of Color: Tales of the Fae beyond Europe

Sun 11:00am The Changing Face of Publishing

Sun 11:00am The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Sun 12:00pm SF/Fantasy in the Underworld

Sun 12:00pm Myth and Folklore in Fantasy

Sun 1:00pm Evolution of the Female Protagonist & Antagonist

Sun 2:00pm Here Endeth the Lesson: Morality in SF/Fantasy

Sun 4:00pm Women and Sci-Fi

Sun 4:00pm Analyzing Fairy Tales, Mythology, and Folklore

Sun 6:00pm Kick-Ass Moms

Sun 6:00pm Disabilities in Science Fiction

Sun 7:00pm The Timeless Story

Sun 7:00pm Stories that Changed Everything

Mon 10:00am Beyond Binary: Exploring Gender Via SF/Fantasy

Mon 10:00am Stereotype & Religion in Literature

Mon 11:00am Subverting the Canon

Mon 11:00am Connection and Collaboration

Mon 12:00pm Primary Sources

Mon 12:00pm Old Worlds, New Writers

Mon 2:00pm The Art of Comics

Mon 3:00pm SF Resurgence in Comics


Fri 9:30pm Reading—Michael Anderson

Fri 10:00pm Reading—John Bowker

Sat 12:00am Reading—Cecilia Tan

Sat 10:00am Reading—Susan Hanniford Crowley

Sat 10:00am Reading—James D. Macdonald

Sat 10:30am Reading—Martha Adams

Sat 10:30am Reading—Gordon Linzner

Sat 11:00am Reading—Resa Nelson

Sat 11:00am Reading—Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Sat 11:30am Broad Universe Reading

Sat 11:30am Reading—Daniel Rabuzzi

Sat 11:30am Reading—Justine Graykin

Sat 12:00pm Reading—Jaime Garmendia

Sat 12:30pm Reading—Alexander Feinman

Sat 12:30pm Reading—Mark L Van Name

Sat 1:00pm Reading—Esther Friesner

Sat 1:30pm Reading—Shira Lipkin

Sat 2:00pm Reading—Jennifer Pelland

Sat 2:30pm Reading—Debra Doyle

Sat 3:00pm Elaine Isaak's Three Party

Sun 10:00am Reading—Daniel P Dern

Sun 10:00am Reading—Greer Gilman

Sun 10:30am Reading—Michael Toole

Sun 11:00am Reading—Stephen R Wilk

Sun 11:30am Reading—Sonya Taaffe

Sun 12:00pm Reading—Joy Marchand

Sun 12:30pm Reading—Trish Wilson

Sun 1:00pm Reading—Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein

Sun 1:30pm Reading—Walter Hunt

Sun 2:00pm Reading—Jennifer Williams

Sun 2:30pm Reading—Alexander Jablokov

Sun 3:00pm Reading—Katherine Crighton

Sun 3:30pm Reading—Felicitas Ivey

Sun 4:00pm Reading—Margaret Ronald

Sun 8:00pm Reading—Leah Cypess

Sun 9:00pm Reading—Everett Soares

Sun 9:30pm Reading—David Sklar

Sun 10:00pm Reading—Ethan Gilsdorf

Media Track


Sun 2:00pm Red Shift in The Upgrade Ultimatum


Fri 4:00pm Surrogates

Fri 6:00pm The President's Analyst

Fri 6:00pm Island of Lost Souls

Fri 7:45pm Red Dwarf 2009

Fri 8:00pm Gigantor: Freezer Ray

Fri 8:30pm Twilight Zone: Caesar and Me

Fri 9:00pm The Paper Monster

Fri 9:00pm Outlander

Fri 9:15pm Sleep Dealer

Fri 10:55pm Horrible Turn

Fri 11:15pm Home Movies from Anticipation

Fri 11:25pm Cabinet of Dr. Caligari—Silent Movie

Sat 12:00am Captain Eager and the Mark of Voth

Sat 1:35am Sexy Killer

Sat 3:30am The Countess

Sat 5:05am Dark City—Director's Cut

Sat 6:50am Thomas Alva Edison's Frankenstein

Sat 7:00am Saturday Serial Cereals

Sat 7:00am Journey to Center of the Earth

Sat 7:05am First Men in the Moon

Sat 8:00am Rocky And Friends

Sat 6:00pm Able Edwards

Sat 6:15pm Journey Through Space

Sat 6:30pm Life on Other Worlds

Sat 7:00pm Ray Bradbury Film Festival

Sat 7:30pm Retro Shorts

Sat 8:30pm Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Sat 9:00pm Made For TV

Sat 9:10pm Moon

Sat 10:15pm The Fall

Sat 11:00pm Extra-Bad Film: Reptilicus

Sun 12:15am L'Odysée d'Alice Trembley

Sun 1:55am K 20

Sun 4:15am Ghost Theatre

Sun 6:15am Shorts 2

Sun 6:00pm Never After

Sun 6:00pm Trailer Park

Sun 6:00pm The Hunt for Gollum

Sun 6:40pm Coming Attractions 2010

Sun 8:00pm EPM

Sun 8:00pm This Week on Brit TV

Sun 8:10pm Stardust

Sun 10:15pm The Dreaded Beard

Sun 10:25pm Zombieland

Sun 11:00pm Franklyn

Mon 12:00am Fritz the Cat (Rated X)

Mon 12:35am Journey to Saturn

Mon 2:00am Psycho Beach Party

Mon 3:35am Cyborg Girl

Mon 5:35am Alien Trespass

Mon 7:00am Missing Lynx

Mon 9:00am Audience Choice Film


Fri 8:00pm The Movie Year in Review

Fri 8:00pm What's a Radio Picture?

Fri 9:00pm Redefining TV

Fri 9:30pm TV Year in Review

Sat 10:00am Fantastic Film Music Before Star Wars

Sat 10:00am Michael Crichton—The Anti-Arthur C. Clarke?

Sat 11:00am Where the Wild Things Are

Sat 11:00am The Happiest Place on Earth-616

Sat 12:00pm 1980s—The Silver Age of SF Movies?

Sat 1:00pm FlashForward

Sat 1:00pm Star Trek Reboot in Review

Sat 2:00pm Torchwood: What Now?

Sat 2:00pm Fangs for the Memories

Sat 3:00pm Remakes, Reboots and Reimaginings, Oh My!

Sat 4:00pm Science in Movies: Good, Bad, and Stupid

Sat 5:00pm Destination Moon at 60

Sat 6:00pm Relativism and the Superhero

Sat 10:00pm My Favorite Episode

Sun 10:00am Continued in the Next Issue

Sun 11:00am My Fandom's Not Dead Yet!

Sun 2:00pm Doctor Who: Who's Next?

Sun 2:00pm Here Comes the Bride

Sun 3:00pm Introduction to Kaiju

Sun 3:00pm Joss and the Real Girl

Sun 4:00pm Welcome to the Dollhouse

Sun 5:00pm Film and Video Archives

Mon 11:00am Who Watched The Watchmen?

Mon 12:00pm The Invasion Will Be Televised

Mon 1:00pm The Casting Couch

Mon 1:00pm The State of SyFy (nee Sci-Fi Channel)

Mon 2:00pm Stargate: Universe

Mon 2:00pm It's a Disaster!

Mon 3:00pm 40 Years of Sesame Street

Participatory Event

Sun 11:00pm Rock Band on the Big Screen

Mon 12:00am Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Mon 1:00am Buffy the Vampire Slayer R-rated Sing-Along

TV Show

Sat 3:00am Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible

Music Track


Fri 9:30pm Palimpsest & The Trains of Heaven—Concert

Sat 3:00pm Concert—Modern Mythpunk and Fantasy Folk Rock

Sun 3:00pm Concert—Pirates and Lost Girls


Fri 7:00pm Filk 101: Introduction to Filk

Sat 2:00pm Filk 201: Circle Structure and Etiquette

Sat 8:00pm Genre Musicals

Sun 4:00pm A New Filk Hymnal?

Sun 7:00pm Parody Writing

Mon 12:00pm Fannish Music: An Overview

Mon 2:00pm Kipling Songs

Participatory Event

Fri 8:30pm Newcomers Song Circle

Sat 12:00am Drum Circle

Sat 1:00pm Funniest Songs Sing-a-long

Sat 4:00pm Bloody Songs

Sat 5:00pm Shanty Sing

Sat 9:00pm Short Attention Span Song Circle

Sat 10:00pm Moderated Open Filk Part 1

Sat 11:00pm Moderated Open Filk Part 2

Sun 12:00am Moderated Open Filk Part 3

Sun 1:00pm Songs That Matter Sing-a-long

Sun 9:00pm Fairy Songs

Sun 10:00pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk Part 1

Sun 11:00pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk Part 2

Mon 12:00am Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk Part 3

Mon 3:00pm Dead Dog Open Filk


Sun 5:00pm Songwriting Workshop

Science Track


Sat 10:00am Education Center for Space Settlement

Sat 5:00pm UnIntelligent Design

Sat 5:00pm Off-World Settlement


Sat 12:00pm Science Fiction/Science Fact

Sat 1:00pm Ask a Geek: Biology, Psychology, and Medicine

Sat 2:00pm Ask a Geek: Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering

Sat 3:00pm Ask a Geek: Sociology, Language and Culture

Sun 12:00pm Bioethics in Today's World

Sun 1:00pm Climate Science

Mon 12:00pm The International Year of Astronomy in Review

Participatory Event

Sat 10:00am Heinlein Society Blood Drive

Sat 10:00am Bone Marrow Registry

Sun 10:00am Heinlein Society Blood Drive

Writing Track


Sat 12:00pm Odyssey Writing Workshop Presentation

Sun 1:00pm Carl Brandon Awards